10 Things You Should Know About Private and Shared Proxies

Do you use proxies to keep your IP address hidden? If yes, you might know that proxies can classify into two types, i.e. Private Proxy and Shared proxy.

Before you choose a proxy service, you might want to know some facts about it. Many people still do not know the fundamental difference between a private proxy and shared proxy.

If you are using a proxy for the first time, you need to know few things about it. It will help you to make better decisions.

By the way, socks5 proxy and https proxy are two separate versions of shared and private proxies.

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In this post, we are going to educate you about ten things that you should know about private and shared proxies.

What is Private Proxy?

It is also known as a dedicated proxy. This proxy is only dedicated to 1 user. You do not have to share this proxy with anybody else. It is for your own private use.

What is Shared Proxy?

You can share this proxy. Different users can use it at the same time. Most people use a shared proxy because it is cheaper than private proxy.

Private and Shared Proxies: Ten Things You Should Know

Now that you know what private and shared proxies are, it is time to learn more about them.

So here are ten things you should be aware of about Private and Shared Proxies.

1- Anonymity

2- Speed

3- Price

4- Activity Control

5- Advertising & Spam

6- Reliability

7- Security

8- Blacklist

9- Web Scraping

10- SEO – Search Engine Optimization

These are the ten things you should know about private and shared proxies. You can use this information to choose the type of proxy you need.

If you need a proxy for your business website, you can buy a private proxy. It will help you to keep your business safe and secure. You can enjoy high-speed browsing with this proxy.

But if you want to use it for day to day individual use, you can use a shared proxy. This proxy also works in a better way if you are buying them from best proxy provider.

You can quickly get it for a lower price. If you are fortunate, you may also get it for free, but free comes with safety issues, as mentioned earlier.

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