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What are the Top 10 Most Common Uses for dedicated or private Proxies?

Numerous reasons make you using a dedicated or private proxy server. There is a myth about utilizing proxies’ server that includes complications. But, the fact is using proxies is quite simple. In this article, you will read the benefits and reasons for using dedicated proxies.

You need to know that private and dedicated proxy’s server is dedicated to only one user. You must be thinking, why these types of proxies not called dedicated solely? Well, there is a slight difference between private or dedicated proxies than other forms of proxies that we will discuss later.

  1. Online invisibility improvement

    Here is another favorite reason to use a proxy server is misrepresenting your identity while handling online web searches or performing other online tasks via the internet network connection. A proxy server is quite beneficial for trapping an identity, which could be specifically helpful while the business needs such behavior.

    It is another helpful feature to the companies that need to secure online network for completing the business-related task. Private proxy servers are quite common that offer an extra protective layer within the network. It can help you to protect your action deep within the network when people try tracing it. That results in creating protection to the surrounding area of your business.

    Instead of going through the advanced security measures to protect your data and information, using a proxy server is the most comfortable way to do such things.

  2. Secured browsing web stores

    You might have gone through the frustration when some websites allow only one item to per customer. It is quite annoying when the client requires more than one piece; however, they force the customer restriction with no alternative tactics.

    Using private proxy can help you to avoid this product order restriction by changing the original identity of your active network connection. Most of the times, this tactics works to use online web stores for creating multiple accounts by using different IP addresses to avail more products than restricted quantity.

    Ensure that, you agree with the terms of web stores’ services. Some of the web stores have started looking at the private proxy connection to prevent them from availing the benefits of their limits and other restrictions. There may be technology in the future to allow several web store to prevent private proxy connections from creating more than one account, but it is not probable to take place at a fast pace.

  3. Financial safety and protection

    Proxy servers are usually used for protecting important information that is stored within the network. This critical information includes your account number, credit card number and routing number as well. Proxy servers develop an additional protective layer for security. That can help to prevent cyber thieves that try obtaining access to your financial data.

    In many cases, large financial institutions and other private business use this proxy server to secure their essential information. It is a highly recommended action to all the business owners that are managing an extensive private network with important information stored within the network. Using a private proxy server can go a long way in securing against cyber theft and hackers.

  4. While playing video games

    You can set up proxy servers on modern gaming consoles like the play station and Xbox one for providing users the ability to get their network connection set up via dedicated proxy. It is the large and demanded option that several gamers have started to avail advantageous, specifically due to the beneficial advantageous of running console games via a proxy server.

    The purpose for the gamers to run their consoles via proxy servers come from some benefits and opportunities. That includes the ability to conceal behind the built layers of private proxy servers.

  5. While video chatting or instant messaging

    Proxy servers are quite beneficial for online video chatting through software such as Skype, ICQ, telegram or Discord specifically because the buffer is created by a proxy server between client and software itself. That results in safer online video chatting. It is more useful to those that are trying to use "packet sniffing" software which analyzes the network deeply.

    A packet sniffer is a software that can easily find your IP address while using instant messaging or video chatting software, especially when it is an outdated version or insecure. Using dedicated private proxy help you to protect your IP address and hide your network activity as well.

  6. Streaming videos and movies

    Utilizing private proxies for streaming videos is one of the big tasks. Streaming such content videos has risen frequently in the past few years, especially with some of the advanced companies like Hulu and Netflix.

    Now, users around the world have got the capability to stream full length of videos by hiding themselves behind the layers of a private proxy. Even in several cases, users have been able to get access over the shows and movies that are exclusively release within the nation.

  7. Managing multiple web accounts

    While managing numerous web accounts via one IP identity causes your registered account noticed by the website. That can result in issues such as banning the account. Even more than that is your IP address can get blocked from visiting the specific site that you tried registering multiple times.

    If you are quite active on a specific website with multiple accounts, then, using private or dedicated proxy servers, you can efficiently manage your various accounts with different IP address while protecting your account. By using a private proxy, each of your web accounts will appear to be owned by different people or computers.

  8. Location measuring

    Several regions in the world cap internet connections, particular types of online database and websites as well. You can use proxy servers to measure the restrictions and connect the customer directly with the restricted data. It is useful in countries with onerous restrictions on internet connections freedom while providing customer extra privacy benefits.

    It is not only about the problem of website restrictions that clients want to solve while utilizing private socks5 proxy. In some cases, specific countries don't allow online services to individuals. Let you understand in detail with an example, suppose an online streaming service that only offers access to its videos and shows to the users within the country. The customer can create an outside location by establishing a network connection to a proxy server for obtaining access to the particular online service.

    It is a well-known trick that clients use when they are outside of their homeland and want to obtain access to some of the world’s most famous and their favorite online services. As of now, no technology has been invented to prevent proxy server connections from availing the advantage of this tricky alternative method.

  9. Boosting internet connection speed

    Proxy servers have the blessing as a unique ability to speed up internet browsing to enhance its efficiency for displaying web pages that are viewed frequently by caching browsing history and search data. This process improves loading times of web pages while saving internet bandwidth. Private networks are capable of using saved web page data while the network request is made via another PC connected to the same private internet network.

    However, it is genuinely beneficial for private companies that have established many computers across their internal internet connection.

  10. Protecting an IP address

    It is essential to have a secure IP address for a vast dedicated network. A proxy server gives additional protection to the network when hackers try to rob the stored data and information over the network. In short; it is a lifeline for the extensive network that needs extra security for protection of data.

    Using a secure IP address can prevent network attacks such as DDoS attack, that can spam unnecessary bandwidth and data for overwhelming your internet network as a result in shut down network.

Beyond these reasons

We have known the ten different reasons for using private or dedicated proxies can be beneficial while handling network connections on the world wide web. Several private businesses across the world are using proxy servers for enhancing their security limits and privacy. Even individuals are also taking advantage of hiding their internet searches and activities by using proxy connections.

There are many reasons that someone wants to set up a proxy server. However, these are the most common reasons that make a business or individual consider using a proxy connection. Undoubtedly, there are many security and privacy benefits.

Well, it is quite unlikely seeing the reduced uses of proxy servers in upcoming years, especially when more people realize the real connectivity with the world. Social media has changed the way entirely that individuals are getting connected to one and other in the digital era. It will be correct if we say those proxy servers may be the last options that could bring individuals back to privacy before the entire digital age becomes transparent to everyone.

The six common private proxy misconceptions and how to avoid them

Usually, people aren’t daring to do something that has not done before. And, the underlying reason for such behavior is insufficient information about the facts that a vast majority of people don’t have enough knowledge to take a big step. Unfortunately, it is also the same when it comes to buying private proxy packages.

There are many misconceptions about private proxies such as they are highly expensive, insufficient privacy security protection. These misconceptions and myth result in no benefits of using private proxy packages in the public’s mind.

This article let you get rid of these misconceptions and enlighten the real facts and benefits of using private proxies along with the reasons to buy them.

What are private proxies IPS?

A private proxy is the kind of proxy that is dedicated to the single user only who owns it. But, it is not only the advantage that private proxy IPs have.

While using a private proxy, you will not need to share it with other users that results in far quicker actions to perform on the internet. Other than this, private proxies offer a full option of geographical locations. It means that you have the freedom to choose almost any country as the origin of your IP identity.

 A private proxy protects your personal information and data while making it unavailable to others. However, as we are living in the world that becoming less private day by day, buying private proxy will your money worth for privacy reasons. After having it, you will not need to have anything else to protect your privacy.

Who can and how to use a proxy?

More and more people are getting the required information through the internet these days. Even if you have any product to sell or service you would like to expand via advertisement, the internet is the right option to go.

Social media has become a standard go-to for every type of advertisement among every age group of people; it makes private proxy server necessary to buy. While selecting a social network for advertising, you must consider developing a connected website.

Using private proxy will help you to prevent any unnecessary block and bans. Other than this, you will be free to log in via multiple accounts and let go of all the IP restrictions that your social networking sites may have. In short; using a social network for promoting your products or services, using a private proxy server will be the best way.

You can also use a private proxy server for SEO (search engine optimization) motives. It is a tactic that entrepreneurs use to rank their sites on the internet. It means that it makes your website ranked top in a search result. So, for taking the best advantage of SEO, you will need to buy private proxy packages that will result in improved SEO tactics.

You can hide all your online activities by using a proxy that includes your internet provider as well. Even, security is one of the primary reasons why several people have looked to use proxies.

Besides, if you are involved in running an online business or service, you will need to get a considerable amount of data. This annoying act is introduced as scraping, that can be entirely automatized, as proxy servers offer you make a rewarding scraping automatization.

Now, through these examples, you can see the benefits of private proxy for both marketers and developers.

Is there any downside of using a private proxy?

No, you will find no downside while using a private proxy. Going with a private proxy can make your all the internet activities faster and safer. No one will be able to see or hack your personal information, data, or web searches when using private proxies.

If you want to create multiple IP addresses, private proxies offer you to do so from almost any country in the world. All you need to manage them is a private control interface.

Using a private proxy let you get rid of the internet restrictions. And, allow using unlimited internet access. However, you will not have to experience any regional social media restrictions.

Is it necessary to use a proxy always?

It is not required to use proxy always. Whenever, you need to secure your data, information, and privacy or you want to access the web pages that are not available for you, you can use a private proxy. Moreover, a proxy server is helpful when you want to have access from multiple locations, even in case of filtering unwanted content.

Furthermore, using a proxy is ultimately helpful and convenient as well, whenever you want to share internet connection with each computer of your office or household. It is the way that can let you assign maximum to every computing device.

You are also free to use a proxy to get access to restricted content like shows and videos by using a proxy server. That is also a good choice when you do not want to let your network provider know your browsing history.

Is it right to buy a private proxy for personal use?

Proxy servers are equally suitable for personal use and business purpose. Furthermore, you can use private proxies in everything from gaming to social networks. It means that you could utilize proxy servers for different activities.

Apps that you can use to set up your proxy

You can find numerous apps to setup your proxy. But, setting up proxy using Mozilla Firefox can be the easiest way to do this.

  1. Choose "options" in the "menu" section
  2. Click on the "advance" option
  3. Select "network."
  4. Now, you can see the display of connection screen. Clicking on the "setting" will lead you to open a new screen.
  5. Select "Automatic proxy configuration URL" then enter
  6. Click OK

If you want to stop using a proxy, all you need to do is reset your setting by selecting "No Proxy" if you are utilizing Firefox on internet explorer.

Besides, using FoxyProxy add-on for Firefox will enhance your abilities. Have a look at the steps to add it:

  1. First, install Firefox
  2. Next, install the FoxyProxy add-on for Firefox
  3. Select the FoxyProxy icon by clicking. You will find this option on the right side of your location bar
  4. Click on "options" it will open a new window
  5. Create a new proxy setting by clicking on the "Add" button
  6. Now, you will be allowed to enter IP address if you have purchased the account
  7. The last step is to click on "save."

What should I use private or public IPs?

First, you need to know that the public IP address is global. But, a private proxy is dedicated to a single user only. Invariance, a private IP identity is assigned to a single computing device only within private space.

inteNIC assigns this address space to allow organizations for creating their networks. Moreover, there are three IP blocks class A, class B, and class C for private users.

If you have multiple computers, each of them will have their own IP identity. In this way, the router receives its public identity, while each computer has a unique IP identity. Indeed, the same drill goes to all the tablets, smartphones or laptops in Wi-Fi connection. Besides, if you have a network printer with a private IP identity, you will only get access to use it.

On another aspect, a public proxy can make your PC continue to run, even after you don’t want to use it anymore. In this case, you expose your PC to malware infections. Buying a private proxy will help you to prevent this from happening.

Where can I buy private proxy packages?

There are many websites that you can use to buy private proxy packages. Make sure; you are reading the users reviews before buying to get the best deal that meets all your needs.

You as well as those that are master for any application or social networks can buy a private proxy. SSL private proxy is one of the dedicated websites where you are offered to know the types of proxies they are selling, what are the prices and customers reviews as well.

You can also find the large stock of the proxies like Instagram proxies, classified ads proxies, LinkedIn proxies, different gaming proxies, and many more along with private VPNs shared proxies.

Suppose, you live in a country where Netflix is unavailable; you can get private proxies to stream videos by setting the location of the unrestricted country!


Using a private proxy server can let you avail many benefits that are bound with security and privacy. One, who wants the complete access to all the content offered on the internet, combining with online safety and protection, should buy proxy servers.

Using private proxy has several benefits. And, it’s up to your needs which options you are choosing to fulfill your requirements.

Make sure; you are doing sufficient research before buying a private proxy package because you are paying money to protect your online privacy and security. So, take abundant time, and above all, make a wise decision.

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