Appropriate Usage Policy

Appropriate Usage Policy - buyproxies247.comAppropriate Usage Policy

Our appropriate usage policy is an agreement between BP247 (us) and our customers. In fact, this agreement guides customers, regarding how to use services.

Agreement Details:


Users of BP247 services must agree, that they won’t use our services for any spamming activities. Which may include, Email Spam, Comment spam in blogs, Social Spam, Forum Spam and likewise.

Illegal Usage

Users shall agree that they won’t use our services for in fact any illegal activity.

Child Pornography

Users must agree, not to engage, view or promote anything related to child pornography, in any case.

Denial of Service (DOS)

Users shall not engage in Denial-of-Service attacks and/or similar activities.

Malware Distribution

Users should agree, not to distribute Malware with the help/use of services, in any case.


Users shall agree, not to use BP247 services (in any case) for hacking, phishing, Stalking or any such unethical activity. Users must follow Terms of Service.