Service Level Agreement

service level agreement - sla - buyproxies247.comService Level Agreement

This Service Level Agreement (SLA) is between (BP247) and the end-user (BP247 Customer). This agreement is regarding the services, which are being provided by BP247 to there customers.

Accordingly, this agreement covers all the services offered by Moreover, the purpose of this agreement is to ensure that the customers are receiving said services, as described. Motive of this SLA is to achieve a mutual agreement between BP247 and the customer.

Agreement Objectives:

  1. To provide clear description of each service, to customer.
  2. To provide best customer support, in any case.

Agreement of Services

In fact, mentioned services fall under this agreement:

  1. 24/7 Support provided through email/contact form and live chat (when online)
  2. With the help of remote desktop, however remote assistance will be provided
  3. Service free trial will be provided (if applicable)
  4. Resolve the issues as fast as possible, while within the given time, mentioned in service details.