Proxy Server PS4

Have you ever experienced world-class and unrestrained gaming without saying that connection is bad? Almost all gamers are caught in a never-ending spiral of conscious internet connection.

How about getting rid of these connection problems and making your way around IP bans?

We introduce you to the Proxy PS4 server, an intermediary between two devices. Moreover, a proxy server links the User’s PC and the source PC’s network(a local website needs to be accessed).

Gamers connect their computers to proxy servers and then access the blocked websites. Because the Restricted website is unaware of to whom you are sending data. The proxy server unbroken the complete process and did not inform the restricted website.

Interesting Facts About PS4

  1. The PS4 sold over 7.6 million units in the first six months (1)
  2. The PS4 has more ‘Starwars: Battlefront’ players than the Xbox One and Windows PCs combined (2)
  3. The PS4 measures up to just 10.8 inches by 12 inches by 2 inches (3)

Do you need a proxy server for your PS4? What impact would it make on your online gaming?

Let’s dig into the outclass details of this device to know more;

Need Of Proxy Server For PS4

Gamers configure their PS4 to proxy servers for different reasons, as it provides multiple benefits.

Just keep reading to acknowledge its top-notch benefits.

Enhance Gaming Experience

Using a proxy server for ps4 means enjoying every leverage of gaming. Well, Proxy servers provide excellent uptime in enhancing your gaming experience.

Uptime specifies the hours the proxy was active from the source without any breakdown. Sounds interesting?

Reliable proxy servers guarantee 99.9% uptime. A game running up to 99.9% determines that there is no need to pause your game for any reason.
A proxy server makes PS4 run faster and more trouble-free.

Offers High-Speed Internet Connection

Enthusiastic gaming isn’t about accessing the gaming site. In gaming, a fast and stable internet connection is everything. You can play your game without fearing the breakdown of network connections.

Buffering and slow net connection can be disappointing when gaming. With a proxy PS4 server, you may have a fast, smooth internet connection.

Proxy servers facilitate you with a PC immersive gaming experience or connection leverage. A proxy server is a mediator between your PS4 and the gaming server.

Conceal Gamer’s Real IP

When gaming, be aware of spyware everywhere, waiting for opportunities to trap you. IP addresses are used to track a person’s identity and personal information.

Therefore, you need a proxy server for ps4 to hide your identity and keep you hidden from other gamers. Not bothering the tension of hackers and playing your game with peacefulness.

Hiding your identity provides you with an edge when it comes to restricted gaming sites. Sounds good? This seems helpful when it comes to installing games and other related content.

How do you get Proxy Servers For PS4?

Configuring your Ps4 with a proxy server is not child’s play. Moreover, setting up a proxy server for ps4 adds up various benefits.

Want to explore more? Just read on;

Assigning Proxy Server On PS4

Once you have found the IP address, head over to set up proxy servers for the PS4 console.
Assigning a proxy server involves the following steps. Have a look below

  1. Turn on the PS4 console.
  2. Then move to the settings menu.
  3. Scroll down and tap on the ‘network section.’
  4. This step relies on your internet connection. You choose the ‘Wi-Fi’ option.
  5. Then, move to the custom options.
  6. Create the DHCP host as ‘Do not specify.’ DHCP stands for ‘dynamic control host protocol,’ referring to the network management system where the DHCP allocates the IP address dynamically along with other network configurations.
  7. Set the Domain System as mechanized
  8. Set the Mtu settings as mechanized too
  9. Select the proxy server option to use it
  10. Go to the page of the proxy server, and mention the IP address of the PC (copied earlier while finding the IP address) and the port number of the proxy server you want to set. However, the port number given for windows is 6588 and 8080 for Mac.
  11. After entering the IP address and port number, tap on next
  12. Check whether the internet connection is running smoothly.

Best Proxy Servers For PS4

The best proxy server offers magnificent speed, enabling you to enjoy your game. Gaming servers provide a fast speed of 1GBps, making your game more exciting.

The question arises in people’s minds: what factors to look for before buying a proxy server?

When you shop for the best proxy server for PS4, reliability is the key.

Other essential factors include IP replacement duration, location, and cost.


If I say all you need for your gaming is BP247, what will be your response? You will surely want this for your gaming right now. This BP247 is none other than a top but one of the best proxy servers.
BP247 offers an extra layer of safety for the best PS4 gaming experience.

Key Features

  • It offers maximum uptime of up to 99.9% with unlimited bandwidth.
  • It supports both SOCKS5 and HTTP Proxies.
  • It comprises a state-of-the-art fail-safe proxy corroborate system, which states that no one can use your proxies without knowing your local IP address, saved in’s client panel.
  • There is an IP-based Authorization system for client safety.
  • It possesses data center proxies. They are considered to be the expeditious proxies among different types of proxies. Not linked with any Internet service provider and get the IP addresses from corporate data centers.
  • BP247 provides you with non-sequential proxies, which are good for randomizing the user profile.

What’s the best part?

BuyProxies247 offer you a free trial of their best proxies service by opening a support ticket and requesting a free trial.

They offer 30-day refunds. (Refund Policy)

Thanks to their customer support, they facilitate you with swift assistance around the clock.

My Private Proxy

If you dream of playing like a pro, then it is not so far from reality. My Private Proxy is perfect for gamers seeking reliable proxies based on HTTPS protocol and username authentication.

Key Features

  • It offers the utmost bandwidth, different locations, non-sequential IPs, and 99.9% uptime.
  • All their premium packages are available with a 3-day money guarantee return response.
  • It includes both private and shared proxies. You can easily distinguish one that the user uses both shared ones, whereas private proxies are only by one user.
  • They have proxy servers in the US and Europe.

What’s the best part?

They offer a 30-day IP replacement cycle. You can eventually get a new set of Proxy IPs at the end of every month.

Squid Proxies

Squid Proxies is considered one of the best proxy servers, known for its cost-effective proxy packages. They have shared and private dedicated proxies.

Key Features

  • Their proxies come with better performance, functions, and reliability as they have minimal users.
  • All the premium plans are available with discrete IPs from different subnets.
    Their premium subscribers are facilitated with a 30-day IP replacement.
  • You will receive a brand new set of IPs every 30 days.
  • They have servers worldwide: Asia, the US, Europe, South America, and Canada.

What’s the best part?

It can be compatible with all the famous browsers.

Proxy Seller

Proxy Seller is not an ordinary proxy provider but offers HTTPS and private socks5 proxies designed for online gaming and web surfing.

Key Features

  • Their proxies are available in Europe, Canada, and some Asian countries. Their pricing value varies from country to country and type of proxy.
  • They also provide reliable customer support. You can connect with them anytime.
  • You will receive the IP replacement within 30 days.



The process is quite simple and easy. First and foremost, locate the IP address on your device. Then, follow the configuration steps as given by the provider. So you can play your game without any interruption.

The process varies depending on the device you’re working on. You can easily find the address of your proxy server on PS4 by following the steps mentioned here: How To Setup Proxy Server On Ps4?

The best-known IP address for PS4 is It is considered the default IP address for most routers, so it’s beneficial that your router is fixed to use this address.

PS means PlayStation. The proxy server works as an intermediary between the user and the PS. Connecting the Proxy server to PS4 enhances the gaming experience and reduces lag time.

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