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No wait time for setup or manual integration. Everything gets done the automated way. You just place the order, send money, and within seconds, you’ll have the Client Panel login details and instantly delivered proxies in your inbox.

Unlimited Bandwidth

No proxy usage limits! Our Proxies have no usage limits. Completely at your disposal!

HTTPS & SOCKS5 Proxies

We support all three types of proxies, unlike many other providers. You can use our proxies as SOCKS5 Proxies, HTTP Proxies, and HTTPS Proxies at the same time. All our shared proxies have this feature enabled by default.

IP Authorization Security

Unlike others, we have a fail-safe state-of-the-art proxy authentication system. No one can use your proxies, other than you, as they are bound with your local/mentioned IP address, which you have saved in’s client panel. We don’t have a username/password-based login system for each proxy, as anyone can steal it. If anyone has it, he can access your proxies. That is the reason we have an IP Based Authorization system for customers’ safety.

Client-Panel Access

You will have full access to the BP247 client panel. Where you can update your computer’s IP address anytime you want. It is best for users with dynamic IP addresses, who have a problem that their internet IP changes whenever their modem is reset/restarted.
Therefore, whenever your dynamic IP is changed, login to the client panel and instantly update your device’s new IP address there. That is all. You are ready to use our proxies.

High-Speed Proxy

We have Data Center Proxy Servers. Datacenter proxies are the fastest proxies among other types of proxies. They are not associated with any Internet Service Provider (ISP) and they source the IP addresses from corporate data centers. We have Fast USA Proxy Servers with an excellent speed of 1000+ MBPS. That is running at 99.99% uptime.

Multiple Subnets

Our proxies come with multiple Subnets, to let you enjoy the ultimate level of uniqueness in your projects.

Non-Sequential IPs

Our system automatically delivers you the non-sequential proxies which are randomly selected out of our shared proxies database.

Easy Proxy Replacement

If any of the received proxies is not working (which doesn’t happen usually), let us know, and you’ll get it replaced within no time.

99.9% Uptime

We are continuously monitoring to maintain the proxy server’s uptime to its max.

Cheapest Proxies

We are providing the lowest price cheapest proxies service online.

24/7 customer support

We are providing 24 hours a day and 7 days a week non-stop and friendly customer support. Because we truly care about our customers.

Buy Shared Proxies (Socks5 / HTTPS)

5 Tips for purchasing shared proxies service

Shared proxies are those that several people can use, as opposed to private proxies. It means that the shared server is not just for one user but available for several people.

While using shared proxy has the risk like hacking and security concern etc., but other than that many advantages can overshadow the drawbacks. We have combed below the factors to be considered while you think about buying a shared proxy.

1. Shared proxies price:

The price of a shared proxy is significantly reduced as compared to private proxies. However, you need to ensure that you have access to the server with no additional program or purchase required, for example, a browser or an application. Private proxies charge for its speed and consistency, and this is what you pay to get. If you need the same, then you will have to see if the shared proxies meet your needs.

2. Support system:

A shared proxy should have 24/7 helpline that means a good support system to make online connectivity easier for individuals to work. It is essential for keeping day-to-day runnings of the modern world possible.

3. SEO needs:

Shared servers are supportive of both HTTP shared proxies and shared socks5 proxy service, and these servers have good quality shared proxies for SEO purposes.

4. Speed:

As mentioned above, shared proxies have a significant load more than private proxies, that stands to reason that the bandwidth on a shared proxy will offer a lower speed. Even, the proxy could stop working with too many users. It may adversely affect your work and online tasks. While purchasing a shared proxy, you need to ensure the speed of connection and the numbers of users as well.

5. Safety:

Shared proxies would have many hackers, spammers, and other doubtful agents using it. Your personal information can be hacked that can lead you at the risk of identity stolen and blackmail. You may lose financial and private company data also. Go for the shared proxies, if you want to use server only briefly. If your information is personal and private then better to go for the private proxy.

In abbreviation, private proxies are more trustworthy than shared. Anyone can buy a shared proxy for light activities as it costs almost nothing. Don’t share your personal information if using shared proxies.

Shared proxies purchasing guide

Here’s everything in this buying guide that you should know about where to buy a shared proxy and when to use it. Make sure; you consider this guide related when looking to purchase shared proxies from online providers. Here, we would focus on the elements that you need to take into account while buying shared IPs. We have mentioned some of the essential factors of purchasing shared proxies. If you have some other queries, then contact the proxy provider.

When you should purchase, lower cost shared proxies?

It is quite well-known about when to use one proxy packages or another. There is no hard truth that any public or private proxy server could be used to forward the request to and from web servers.

However, it doesn’t happen in all the cases; therefore, to avoid this risk and providers unrestricted connectivity, proxy providers have started offering both dedicated and shared proxy packages. And it’s up to your need choosing the proxy type and buy to use.

In short; you need to decide whether you want to use private or shared IP address. That is why you should know when to use the types of proxies. There are disadvantages of using cheaper private proxies. You could use lower cost shared proxies for your any online project that does not need connecting to large online web pages.

Let’s go to the detail when to buy and use shared proxies.

You can look for share IPs when it is not required to tie an account’s connection to a shared IP address.

Web resources do not need to connect an online account to get accessed and loaded, in short; you can think of shared proxies as available ones. If particular IP is used for any given request that doesn’t matter for you then purchasing shared proxies package will be a wise choice.

However, not all the projects require a different IP address to work. In this case, you can look for shared proxy packages.

When you should purchase premium proxies or private proxies?

Most providers offer premium proxy packages besides shared proxy packages. These are private proxies.

You can research some of the famous names in the industry to see the packages they are offering for the different online platform. Usually, premium proxies use the name of the platform on which they will be used.

For example, if you want to buy proxies for using Instagram, then you will find the proxies with the same name. But if you want multiple IPs for gaming, then it will cost you more than private ones, but it is not the issue. There is specific reason connectivity.

As you are already known, while purchasing multiple IPs, disregarding if they are premium or shared ones, you will want them to work on the stand where your project is developing. And, this is the feature that premium proxy offers the connectivity without issues to the web platform for the reason you are purchasing them.

So, while you purchase Instagram IPs, the proxy provider should offer you IPs for Instagram. But, while you are buying shared proxies, there will be no certainty that they will work on the specific social platform. Even, the provider is not required to guarantee connectivity if you don’t buy “branded” package for the particular web platform.

Therefore; you should buy premium proxies when:

  • You want to access a more restrictive web platform
  • You require tying and log in an account’s connection to your IPs.

Premium and shared proxy packages have no setup difference.

Till now, we have talked about the connectivity issue for which you should avoid shared packages and go for a premium one. But, most users make a common mistake as the setup of lower cost shared proxy is different than premium packages.

Luckily, most proxy servers have the same setup. There is the only difference between them is the former that make any credential checks, and anyone can forward request through its server.

So, there is no setup difference between private premium servers and private shared servers. The only markable difference is how many users are using these proxies at the same time.

For example, only a single user can use private premium resources whereas the multiple users use a shared IP’s resources. In other words, a shared IPs affect both the cost and benefits as its split among numerous users.

Why free proxy lists are not a valid alternative?

Enough, we have talked about private ones; let’s move to free proxy lists. Some of the users consider using them over shared ones as they are cheaper at cost and their projects also don’t need accounts tied to the dedicated IPs.

But, never consider a free proxy server as an alternative to private ones due to their connectivity and poor performance. Anyone can use a free server, so its uptime, performance, and bandwidth are shared among all its users.

And if you are using the shared servers with 100 users, its bandwidth will be shared among all these users, therefore; you should never use free proxy lists while developing the online project with the requirement of multiple IPs.

What are the risks of using shared proxies?

As I mentioned before, there is one risk associated with using shared proxies. Because these IPs are used by the multiple users that can have abusive behavior even block the server’s IP address on that platform, you will want to use.

For example, if you want to perform market research by using shared proxies to Amazon but another user of the shared proxy uses the same IP on Amazon and perform an abusive behavior or such activity, banning the IP address on Amazon, and you will be unable to use it anymore on the same platform.

The shared proxy includes another reason for which you should not use it on websites where you require to login accounts for social media, gaming, or sneaker selling website. Because, if another user blocks IP, your account could be blocked or banned permanently.

But, if you know about this risk, then it can be avoided by purchasing your IPs where a login account is not required. Even, you can ask the proxy provider to refresh your IPs monthly; you can keep changing it and ask for another one to avoid risk.

Where and how to use shared proxies?

There is not a specific answer to where use shared proxies. You can use shared IPs where you don’t require adding account to login.

There isn’t any imposed restriction, concerning how to use shared IPs. Hence, you could use them to check how they display from multiple sites.

Shared proxies are also used to web scraping on rate limiting webpages. Here, multiple requests could be sent at the same time by using numerous IPs with no risk of having one specific IP address blocked or limited by the websites.

Top 3 essential elements of shared proxies

Before buying shared IPs, you require to know the three key aspects of shared packages. Moreover, these key features are set apart shared packages from private proxy.

1. Several users per IP

They are called shared proxies because the provider will share their IPs among multiple users, that leads to lower cost of maintaining the proxy for each user. But, at the same time, the bandwidth is affected as well. If you buy shared IPs over dedicated proxies, you will have to share both the performance and cost of that IP with other users.

2. Effective price

As we mentioned in the first point, shared proxies are lower at cost because you share the same IP with other users, therefore; you could expect to get a lower price for the shared proxy.

3. Monthly randomization

Most of the shared proxies packages are used on the projects where IP burnout is commonly repeated happening; therefore; you require to ensure that the proxy provider monthly randomizes your IPs. In short; you are allowed to ask new IPs for your proxies.

How should you use shared proxies?

You can’t use a shared proxy with any setup, task, or project needs using multiple IPs.For example, it can’t be used for sneaker coping or social media automation. For performing these tasks, there are specific social media – sneaker proxies and Instagram proxies.

If you want to make crawling activity anonymous, using shared proxies packages will be the best. In other words, you can use them when you want to hide your IP server and device.

The most common crawling activities where shared proxies are used

  1. Web scraping
  2. Market research
  3. Tool development
  4. SEO (search engine optimization) tasks

When you should avoid using shared proxies?

As we have mentioned above, shared proxies can’t be used for all the projects as they can be harmful.

For example, avoid using shared proxies when you are required to connect accounts through IPs.

In other words, use shared proxies when you don’t need to connect your accounts through IPs. Thus, using these proxies doesn’t suit with social media accounts.

These shared proxies IP can be spam, flagged, block, even banned permanently by the abusive behavior of another user connected with the same IPs.

How should you purchase shared proxies IPs effectively?

You need to check a couple of points, before purchasing IPs and choosing a shared proxy provider for avoiding after purchase issues.

Find out how many IPs you need

Before purchasing, you need to know how many proxies you need for your project. For example, at the time, you are required to use 100 proxies where other time 50 proxies are enough. Ensure that you know how many proxies you need to purchase.

Login needs and type

Most probably, you want to use your IPs through an automation tool. At this case, ensure that you can connect your script, device or software to your proxies. Some of the providers offer username; password-based authentication where most of them provide IP-based authentication. Make sure; you know how the choosing provider authenticates you to connect to your IPs.

Shared Proxy FAQs

Shared proxies are a type of proxy where multiple users share the same IP address. This can make them more affordable than dedicated proxies but may also make them less reliable or secure.

The number of users sharing each shared proxy can vary depending on the provider and the package selected. Some providers may have a limit of 5-10 users per proxy, while others may have as many as 50-100 users per proxy. We are sharing the proxies maximum between 3 users.

Yes, shared proxies can be used for SEO purposes such as web scraping, data mining, and other automated tasks. However, it is important to ensure that the shared proxy provider allows these activities and that they are not against their terms of service.

Shared proxies may be less secure than dedicated proxies as multiple users are sharing the same IP address. This can make it easier for websites to detect and block the proxy, or for other users to access your data. However, reputable shared proxy providers will have measures in place to minimize these risks.

The exact setup and usage process will depend on the provider and the tools or applications you are using the proxies with. Typically, you will need to enter the proxy IP address and port number in the settings of your tool or application. Your shared proxy provider should provide instructions on how to do this.

Our proxies does not require password but IP authentication. For authorizing your computer (any machine where you are going to use our proxies), you’ll have to login to our client area, select your purchased proxy package and paste your computer’s IP address, then save it. That’s all, now you can browser through our proxy server.

Yes, shared proxies are suitable for social media management, as long as you choose a reputable provider that offers high-quality, fast and reliable proxies.

Shared proxies can work with most websites, but some websites may have stricter security measures that prevent access from shared proxies. In such cases, you may need to use a private proxy or a dedicated IP address. You can request us for proxies trial and see if they can fulfill your need.

You can view our pricing plans and select the one that best suits your needs on our website.

We accept a variety of payment methods, including PayPal, Credit Card, and Bitcoin. You can choose the payment method that is most convenient for you during the checkout process.

We offer a 30 days money-back guarantee for our shared proxies, so if you are not satisfied with our service, you can request a refund within 30 days of your purchase.

For more FAQs please visit our FAQ section.