10 Reasons Why Government & Intelligence Agencies Hate Proxy Services

Proxy Services have always been a topic of debate for the government and the intelligence agencies.

While some people think it is very beneficial to use a proxy service, others may not agree with them, especially government and intelligence agencies.

Although using a proxy service is legal, it can be hazardous. There is a fragile line between legal and illegal usage of proxy services.

Some people use it for legal purposes, like protecting their company websites and essential information about their companies. At the same time, others use it to access illegal sites and hack data from the internet.

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So here, we are going to learn why government and intelligent agencies hate proxy services.

10 Reasons Why Government and Intelligent Agencies Hate Proxy Services

Here is a list of 10 reasons why our government hates proxy services. Now, you will know what nuisance proxies create for them to deal with.

  1. Unable to Track Location

    The main reason why government and intelligence agencies hate proxies is that it helps users to hide their actual location easily. They won’t be able to find out the exact IP address of the user. It makes tracking someone almost impossible.

    They have to take extreme measures to track people because of proxy services. People mostly use these proxy services to conduct their illegal business. The government has to put in lots of effort to catch these people.

  2. Access Illegal and Banned Sites

    In many countries, specific sites are illegal to use. The government bans such sites so that the users cannot access them. But nowadays, users have become smart. They use shared proxy services and VPNs to hide the geo-location and access such sites.

    For example, in China, most of the websites are blocked due to censorship restrictions, but the citizens still access them via proxies. It becomes difficult to control the actions of the public this way.

  3. Censorship Issues

    As we know, certain things are censored on the internet. The government doesn’t want the people to know about these things. Most of the illegal sites and copyrighted content are censored. But proxies make it challenging to maintain the censorship.

    People use proxies to break the censorship barriers and watch the content or access the information. It is not only a security threat but ethically wrong. The government has to come up with secure firewalls to protect the data.

  4. Copyright Issues

    Another problem faced by the government is copyright issues. As we know, it is illegal to get copyrighted data, but proxies make it possible. Nowadays, many users don’t pay for Netflix and directly use it without paying subscription charges. The government has to face a lot of difficulties while maintaining this law.

  5. Hacking Activities

    Hacking has become a common thing. Most hackers can easily hide because they use proxy servers to protect their location. These hackers can easily infiltrate anything with proper tools. They use proxy servers to hack government websites and get the data.

    There have been many cases where the government system was hacked. Because they use proxies, it becomes challenging for the government or intelligence agencies to track them.

  6. Spying Activities

    Another problem the government faces due to proxy servers is spying. It puts national security at high risk. Many spies from outside the countries use proxies to spy and eavesdrop on confidential government files. They use proxies to mask their IP address.

    The intelligence agencies have to protect the secret files about the country so that it doesn’t fall into the hands of the enemies. Proxy servers have given more freedom to spies and hackers.

  7. Social Media Crimes and Cyber-Bullying

    As we know, social media have become a platform to raise a voice. Many people use this platform to show their disagreement with the government.

    Others use this platform to spread hate and racial discrimination. The social media platform is also used for crimes like child pornography and bullying. All these things are illegal, but people are still doing it by hiding their IP addresses through proxy servers.

    While some people are using it to raise their voices, others are using it to spread hate and assault each other. The government cannot track and control all these activities because of proxy servers.

  8. Black Market and Online Gambling

    Black Market is the hub of black money. It is illegal to run a black market. But as technology is advancing, people are running online black markets.

    Here stolen items, paintings, drugs, weapons, and all types of illegal items are traded. People have also started running online gambling sites to avoid taxes. These sites are operated and accessed through socks5 proxy services.

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    They hide their website and all the operations from the government this way. Apart from that, other crimes like human trafficking are also done through the internet. The intelligence agencies are unable to track all these activities happening on the internet.

  9. Terrorism

    The major problem faced by the government is terrorism. Nowadays, terrorists are using the internet and proxies to communicate with each other.

    Because cell phones can be traced, they use an internet connection with a hidden IP address to send messages. They run their group and train them on how to operate guns and make bombs by using the internet. Their activities cannot be tracked because of proxy servers.

  10. Financial Crimes

    Apart from all the other crimes, shared socks5 proxy services are used to commit financial crimes as well. Hackers use proxy servers and VPN services to hack into bank accounts and online money.

    People use proxy to purchase Bitcoin from countries where it is banned. Other people use a proxy for money laundering. There have been many cases where secondary market brokers have used proxies to manipulate the prices of shares and make a huge profit.

    People are also hacking cryptocurrencies to steal millions of funds from the account. Government and Intelligence agencies struggle when proxies are used. It makes the process ten times more complicated, and when the location is finally tracked, the culprits easily escape.

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Because of all these reasons, the government and intelligence agencies hate proxy servers. These servers can be easily used for illegal work, which makes controlling all these activities challenging for the government. It also put the government and the country at risk.